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COVID – 19 Update


Re Opening for Jumma Prayers

The Government have now allowed Places of Worship to reopen, we therefore as of Friday 10th July 2020 will reopen for regular Friday Congregational Prayers Only.

We have had Council for Mosques complete a Risk Assessment and will be following guidelines of this assessment,
which meet compliance regulations for Covid-19.

We will be complying with 1 Metre Social Distancing and have marked up the measurements on the carpets, which have recently be cleaned by a professional cleaning company to comply with Covid-19.

Please take note of the points below, which are very important to obey with before and when entered into the mosque.

1. Clean your hands with the hand Sanitiser provided, before entering the mosque.

2. Refrain from shaking hands and hugging other worshippers.

3. We wont be switching any fans or heating on, to prevent any spread of infection. We will open windows to allow ventilation and fresh air, 30 minutes before prayers.

4. The mosque will open 30 minutes before the start of Jumma Prayers, doors will be closed start of the Prayer Time, at which point no entry will be permitted. 12.45PM – 1.15PM

5. Complete your Ablution(Wudu) at home, the WC will not be accessible. For emergency use only, we will allow access to the Disabled WC, for people with disabilities.

6. A member of the management will check your temperature, with a temperature gun, before you enter the mosque.
Note: If you have a temperature, cough, cold or flu, Stay At Home, you will be refused entry.

7. The shoe racks are out of bounds, to prevent cross contamination. Take your shoes with you into the main hall. Bring your own bag to put your shoes in.

8. Everyone is obliged to wear a face mask, bring your own face mask.

9. You will be required to bring your own, Masala, Turbah and Tasbee to pray on.

10. When you have entered into the main hall, a member of the management, will take your name and register your visit.

11. The metal donation box will be out of bounds, please use the plastic boxes for donations.

12. We have a maximum threshold, when and if we reach the maximum threshold, doors will be closed. This is to comply with the 1 Metre Social Distancing measures. Therefore doors will be locked either when we reach threshold or at 1.15pm.

Finally do not stand around outside the mosque after prayers, leave the building and surroundings accordingly.

The Management have legal duties to ensure everyone is kept safe and secure.
Please adhere to the above, these rules are for all. We are in this together and together we can get through this.

Please take a moment and watch the video below, some general information on how we will be observing at Friday Prayers

We look forward to seeing you, this coming Friday 10th July 2020.

Management of Hussainia Islamic Mission Bradford.

For Further Information Contact:
Sumar Shah – 07939518532
Fiaz Hussain – 07811095189