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Sunday School letter to Parent/ Guardian

Bismillah Irahmah Niraheem

Dear Parent/Guardian:

We would like to thank you and your children for participating in the last school year. Our reason for writing out to you is to make you aware of few major changes to the Maddressa at Hussainia. Below are the changes briefly listed

  1. The Maddressa will now become a Sunday School for the children.

 2. It is now compulsory for all children who attend the Sunday school to sit the MUS exams as we are studying the MUS curriculum.

 3. Please make sure you have given us up to date contact details as we are having communication problems.

The reason for the change of the school day is due to the volunteering team personal responsibilities/ work responsibilities. After liaising with the MUS board, we now want all students getting a recognized qualification.

We have included a copy of the new academic year for the Sunday school 2018/2019 Calendar. This will show we will start this year with the Presentations for the previous year and then the initial induction of all students.

It is important you attend the induction day so we can update your contact details with us. You can text us the details to ……….but please make sure you mention it’s for the Sunday school as we have other services.

Yours Faithfully,

Hussainia Islamic Mission Bradford


Sunday School Calendar 2019- 2020

Sunday School calendar 2019-2020 PDF download

Saturday School Calendar 2019 / 2020